Lumigent® Audit DB™

The first and most effective solution for Database Activity Monitoring, Audit & Compliance

Lumigent Audit DB® is the industry's first and most effective solution for Database Activity Monitoring, Audit & Compliance. Based on Lumigent's unique and patent pending core database log reading technology, Audit DB both supports and enables key monitoring requirements, including: Privileged User Monitoring, Change Review, Acceptable Use Policies, and Access Monitoring.

Key benefits of Audit DB include:

  • Improved data and application security
  • Detailed audit trail of all activity, critical for compliance purposes
  • Policy-driven alerts that flag suspicious behavior such as fraud
  • Continuous monitoring for security vulnerabilities introduced through system or configuration changes (whether authorized or malicious)
  • Tracking changes in data directly to the unique privileged user ID, including before and after values for all changes.

Core features include:

  • Activity Monitoring Module: Audits database activities, validates the effectiveness of controls, monitors performance against security policies, delivers a continuous and trusted audit trail of before and after values, including privileged user actions.
  • Assessment Module: Provides a view of data at risk by establishing a baseline and continuously monitoring and alerting on any deviations.
  • Flexible, Detailed Reports: Offers flexible role-based reporting by organizational structure, server landscape, and audit requirements. Preconfigured or customizable, powerful filters enable rapid drill down to retrieve granular details.

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