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Faronics Power Save uses intelligent power management to ensure workstations are saving energy and money when they are not being used.

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Over a year, a typical desktop PC can consume up to NZ$200 in energy costs and 870 kilowatt hours of electricity. Faronics Power Save significantly reduces these numbers.

Power Save delivers PC power management that does not interfere with user or IT requirements. Power Save keeps computers running when users need them and accurately determines when computers are inactive so they can be powered down.

Analyzes CPU, disk, keyboard, mouse, network, and critical application activity before taking power management actions

Saves open user documents prior to powering down computers

Maximizes PC energy savings via Power Policies

Scheduled workstation wakeups remotely using Wake-On-LAN or locally via Windows

Gives users the ability to temporarily exempt their computers from power management

Works with both Windows and Mac computers

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